Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Age of Empires: Overdose

While hunting topics  for my next post, certain images formed in my mind. I have absolutely no idea as to why they formed or how they came up. Probably, some one wants me to share this incident. All I can say is that these are real life incidents of my life. I don't know if anyone would be interested to read it, but here it goes.

This article has references to the popular game " Age of Empires". Readers' discretion is advised.

Before the drama begins, a preface:

Circa 2006 AD, April : MG University has decided to postpone two exams of Btech 1st year. Now students have one whole week to prepare for mechanics. That is too much time for Shrijith Nair (or so he thinks). Shrijith loves mechanics and already has wonderful internals in it. REALLY!! Although 49/50 is extraordinary by any standards, Shrijith's standards are pretty low, anyways. (Any takers for under promise and over deliver?? anyone??..) Now Shrijith is stuck in a bit of a quandary.  He has one whole week to study mechanics, a subject he already knows. How to kill time? VOILA!! Age of Empires to the rescue.(Background music goes on). As always Shrijith takes on the most difficult levels, this time the "Campaigns" mode.

Day 1: Age of Empires. 12 hours busted, but El Cid is victorious all the way. He has won 3 campaigns against his mighty opponents by the marvellous strategies employed. CHEATS ARE NOT USED. SHRIJITH HATES CHEATS. Sleeps at 9 30. Feels weird. El Cid commanding an army now?? Is it real or is Shrijith having nightmares?

Day 2: Age of Empires. Again. Half a day is used up. El Cid is dead. But he still commands an army. I swear this is not made up. Finally, by the end of the day, El Cid is put to rest, victorious in all his campaigns, Shrijith goes off to sleep.

Why does this town center keep coming to my head? The forager better be quick with the berries. It is getting on my nerves.

Day 4: Age of Empires. Again and Again. Attilla, the Hun takes longer than El Cid. Finally he overcomes the Great wall of China. Joan of Arc faces little success though. The odds are stacked heavily against her. But she will prevails. Tomorrow. Shrijith tries to sleep.... PANIC. Shrijith can't sleep. Whenever he closes his eyes, all he can see is the farmers, foragers and the lumberjacks moving in and out of town center. AAAAAAAAAAH!! Shrijith can't sleep. Shrijith can't sleep.

Day 6: Joan of Arc isn't victorious as yet. But mechanics seems to be a bigger worry than the lady in distress. Shrijith opens his text. Tries to concentrate. Blink! Blink! Even with his eyes open Shrijith can only imagine the foragers and the fishermen. The occasional scout cavalry moves by. The wood and gold stock piles increase. So does the panic. By now the exam's future is decided. Shrijith might have to repeat Mechanics again.

EXAM DAY: Shrijith gets up at 3. In any case he hasn't had much of sleep in the past week, with all the logging and the foraging happening in his head. He can't study. He can't sleep. TOTAL WRECK!!

At 10 30 AM the exam begins. Shrijith stares at the question paper. Why does the question paper seem to stare back???

Note: The story doesn't end here. Shrijith has completed engineering but he doesn't play computer games any more. That certainly is a bonus.