Saturday, 26 November 2011

Mind Your Own Business

They say 'Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.' But I say our personality is formed by certain unsuccessful acts that we have done at some point in our life. Life, as always, screws you up when you least expect it to. That, perhaps is the best definition for life. What follows in my post today is one such mishap from my inconsequential existence on this wonderful planet. Am I being philosophical here? Anyways, this incident that I share today made me the person that I am today, in certain ways.

College, for me is a mixed bag of memories. I had some of my best moments, at the same time, I underwent some of the most traumatic things here. The best moments have been the wonderful friends that I made here, and the time that I spent with them, boozing and night outs included, and the trauma is the heart break, as usual. Well, I have a weak heart, which is quite prone to these 'Heart attacks'. It was the support from my friends that has helped me to stay afloat. They have always been my 'lifebuoy' whenever I started to drown.

But some times, these same friends can be the source of misery for us, albeit they have not even thought about it. I have a wonderful friend who goes by the name Visakh Issac Ninan. I call him many other things, though. He has been my friend, philosopher and guide, literally.  I call him 'Guru', for certain things best kept between us. We were classmates during our engineering days, and usually had the same slot for lab exams.During the third semester, we were in our Electronic Circuits lab, and both of us were allotted the questions. Now, for certain reasons best known to him,Visakh decided to ask me the circuit diagram for his question. And poor me, gullible as I was, decided to help him. I don't know how, but the invigilator picked me up and made me to sit beside her for the rest of the exam, and asked me ," What did you ask Visakh? ". I replied, "I did not ask, ma'am". Bur she was in no mood to listen to me. Previous experience with such miscreants, perhaps. I thought, "Alright, I may have screwed up the impression, but hey, I know the answer, so I will get the output and he will not. So teacher will come to know that I have not cheated." 

I expected myself to better Visakh in the circuit diagram. But, horror of horrors, he was standing right next to me with the complete details to get a 'proceed' from the invigilator, and I was struggling with the circuit diagram. Again, I thought, "Hey, it is impossible that he would get an output for that. He hasn't even done the circuit himself ." Again, I was to be proved wrong. With a lot of deliberation, I managed to get a 'proceed'. Now I began the question with all earnestness. I was expecting to get the output. I had done everything myself. I don't know why, but I was searching for Vishak in the lab from the corner of my eye.Somehow, I believed, my success relied on his failure. Now, I was in for a bit of a shock. He had managed to get the output. With just half and hour to go for the final bell, I had not even connected the components. Still, my mind was not ready to believe that this could befall me. I thought," Today is not my day, but viva, I will rock." The final bell went and the invigilator announced," Viva will not be taken, you will be rated according to your present performance." Man!!! I was thoroughly disappointed. 

From that day onward, I have never talked during my exams. I never help anyone. I don't even share my pencil in an exam. Experience certainly is a great teacher. Visakh and I continued to give exams in the same slot, but somehow, he always avoided asking me. In any case, I wouldn't have answered him. I continued to mind my own business.

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