Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pyar ka Punchnama and Shrijith

Movies are always fascinating. The glitz, the glamour, the lights, the sound, everything about movies  have a surreal feel to it. I am not a great fan of the Sci Fi movies that the hollywood guys churn out at regular intervals. I prefer to watch our 'Desi' movies, with the masala and the garnish included. K3G is on my all time favourite list. So that kind of sums up my tastes in films. I can't digest the films which depict the crude realities of life. There must be some things that don't happen in real life, that must be shown in films. The other movies are better off as documentaries. Some things are just not film material for me.

But there comes a time when a film comes and punches you so hard in your belly that you are left gasping for breath. But it is so intense that you can't really stop watching the film. Real life is shown with so much intensity that you end up feeling there is a part of you in the characters that are moving onscreen. Well, this is not about any Art House movie, but a commercial entertainer through and through. The movie is "Pyar ka Punchnama" which I happened to see on the recommendation of a friend. He has become one of my best chums overnight.

I am not writing a review for the movie, so I am skipping those details about the movie, just presenting the basic facts, to create interest in the movie. The translation of the movie title would be 'The post mortem of love.' This is a must watch, especially for the men folk who are/were/will be in a relationship. The movie is about three software engineer dudes, who are happy and single. Now, as time passes, all of them get involved in relationships. One girl can't forget her ex, yet commits to a relationship with one of the lead guys. The other is a total nagger. The third uses one of them for money as well as for completing her office work. They realise they are being used, but can't do anything about it. Then, towards the end, they pull the plug and get back together. The subject may be a heart ache for the guys watching it, but with dollops of real life comic situations being added, it is a treat to watch. The movie was a hit, by the way. Just that it did not command a very respectable opening. It became a hit through word of mouth publicity. Movies made with some truth in it, presented in a proper way do well. Period.

The interesting part about this movie is that, in every scene, in every step, we can identify with the situation and generally laugh at the stupidity of men. There is not one moment in the entire movie when you don't feel as a part of the screenplay. I have seen people in exactly the same situations. Hell!!! Even I have faced some of them myself. Even after realising the trap, we walk in with a smile. May be we are hard wired that way. May be nature wants us to be naive.

Hats off to the director Luv Ranjan and his wonderful team for a really good movie. A sequal is being planned, and I hope it maintains the tempo set by this.

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