Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Romantic Kerala Monsoon

             While putting a particular feeling to words is difficult enough, attributing a season to a particular feeling is even more difficult. However, I am quite certain of one thing. The rains would always evoke feelings of romance, of passion, of love. May be the Gods are so in love with Kerala that they have granted quite some time to the monsoon.Really, it is THE most beautiful time of the year, when the entire landscape is decked in emerald hue. A steady breeze blowing, as if caressing the tresses of its lover with its fingers. The dark clouds, passing slowly over the earth, as if gloomy over the fact that earth has spurned his advances.The water droplets clinging to the leaves, as if unable to bear the angst of separation from the leaves, and finally giving up, submitting to the divine will, promising to meet the leaf again in the next birth. Really, no words can do justice to the beauty of the enchanting beauty of the rains.

The monsoon has always had a prominent presence in our culture. From the ancient 'Meghdooth' to the present day cinemas, they have held a sway over our imagination. Almost all the popular romantic tracks in our movies have rains in the backdrop. As if testimony to its captivating charm, the late Padmarajan or Pappettan-as he is known to his admirers , the popular director and script writer in malayalam movies had rain as a central character in his acclaimed master piece "Thoovanathumbikal". The streams rushing through the sides of the lush green paddy fields, the small fish making  merry in the gushing waters, and the grass swaying in the flow of the water, as if acknowledging a passing acquaintance, each and every aspect of the rains are romantic.

Even if the rains are heavy, accompanied by some lightening and thunder, they are like the occasional outburst of anger from a lover to its beloved. Fear invoking, yet sensuous. The ravishing beauty that the earth is, the rains bring out the best in her.No wonder, Kerala is known as "Gods own Country". They are enamoured by Kerala's charms, while she is the coy lass, modest and shy.

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  1. Rain.....
    When it falls, it really magical as if god is showering his blessings on us.....
    Thank you so much Shrijith... for the nostalgic feeling that you gave through this magnificent article....best wishes for your all future endeavors... (Expecting more classy articles form u!!....)