Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Subhadra haranam: Retold

Good Lord! Have mercy on me,please. Here I am trying to be spiritual and then the only thoughts that come to my mind are laden with romance. Why I want to be spiritual is another story,  another time. No, its not the Girl-left-me syndrome. I would like to believe that I am stronger than that,although those who know me well are free to disagree. For some time now, I wanted to write something about the great epics that ancient India has produced. They are really a treasure trove of righteousness, of good deeds and of great moral values. But among all those wonderful stories, the one that seems to attract me the most is the marriage of Subhadra and Arjuna. What is special about this marriage? And why does that affect my spirituality? Details will soon follow.

Subhadra, sister to Krishna and Balarama, was smitten by Arjuna, when he visited them in Dwarka. But, Balarama  had already promised Subhadra's hand to Duryodhana. Now, Krishna came to know about this, but did not have the courage to tell Balarama the truth, fearing his wrath. Since he knew that Arjuna and Subhadra wanted to marry, he suggested they elope.Now comes the interesting part. To safeguard Arjuna from Balarama's anger, he advised the couple that Subhadra should be the one driving their chariot. So, technically Subhadra has taken Arjuna away by force. Tactfully using the situation to one's advantage. This is the answer to my first question.

Now comes the second question, that hounds me. I think I am very spiritual, but I seem to take up all the wrong inspirations. Ever since I began to think deeply about this episode, I have started fantasizing about a similar situation for me. The only problem is :  I have no takers. Imagine. I am being taken by a girl, and she is driving the car. Bike also would do, but then we wouldn't have enough space for the luggage that I intend to take with me. Although I do agree with Krish and Ananya from " 2 States", that convincing the entire family and then getting married is a wonderful idea, this eloping thing seems to have woven its spell around me. If wedding planners are around the time I decide to tie the knot, probably, my wedding would have "Elope" as the theme.

But, for the time being status quo remains.Shrijith Nair goes to work, comes back. Full Stop. Nothing ever happens between that. No movies together, no phone calls, no messages. Nothing. But if ever a time comes, then be ready for some high decibel action. All I can say is: What this space for more updates.

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