Friday, 11 November 2011

Whose Cinema???

Today my brother went for the movie "Rockstar". The hype surrounding the movie was so much that he decided to book the tickets in advance. But that is not my concern. My concern is that he has never done this for any of the malayalam movies. And I believe the same is true for all of his friends as well. So, why does the next gen avoid the malayalam movies? If they are avoiding the malayalam movies, who is responsible for it? Certainly not the audience.Although I am in no way connected to the malayalam movie industry, I feel sorry for its current state. Even for Diwali, we had no 'major' releases. Yes, we had release- of a director, script writer, music director ,singer and what not rolled into one.Yes, the same movie of the "You Tube" fame. And the biggest surprise is that, it has grossed over 4 times its production value.Sadly, that means he can produce four  movies more.

Although I have not watched that movie, it seems to have  become a benchmark of what is stinking in the malayalam movie industry.Script, direction,music, lyrics, everything is more of a joke. With hardly enough material to hold their attention, the audience is moving to movies of other languages, where they are offered a better product at the same cost. In IT parlace, we can say, the client has moved to other "vendors". A sad state of affairs for the place which was once home to the legendary Bharathan and Padmarajan. Malayalam has lost its magical touch. Of late it is looking up, but it is no where close to the great heights that it once occupied.

It is disheartening to note that the audiences are deserting malayalam cinema. I remember my college days, when I used to throng the cinema halls. My college was in Kalady and during my college days, we did not have any release centres there. The nearest theatres were the ones in Chalakudy. I still remember the KSRTC bus at 9 40 from Mattoor junction, which used to reach Chalakudy just in time for the show at 12. Since my friends and I were all perpetually broke, we used to watch 2 movies when we reach Chalakudy so that we could save atleast on the bus fare for the other movie. Yes, the tickets were front row. Balcony tickets were a luxury, usually when some one struck gold. But we used to watch all the movies. Once, a clash between political parties resulted in a bandh in Thrissur district, right when we reached the cinema hall. We dodged a few politicos and went to Muvattupuzha. All this for a damp squib. No, we did not stop there. We still used to frequent the cinema halls. But dud after dud forced us to turn to other options. We took up playing cricket at a friend's place. His mom was kind enough to feed us. And we went there again, and again , and again. Movies did not figure on our wish list again. It was bunking, cricket and food.

We still watch malayalam movies. But the motivation is all gone. The front row seats have been replaced by the Gold class tickets in multiplexes, but we wait for reviews. It would take quite an effort by the film folks to get us back. We have lost quite a lot of money during our college days and the scars still remain. Anyways, I am in no mood to watch any malayalam movie on the first day. And yes, I will be going for "Rockstar" .

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