Friday, 16 December 2011

Cartoons from the Past

Childhood days are certainly some of the most memorable days of our lives. Although, I am not very old to say this, but those were the days when I could play cricket all day long and still have time for cycling in the late evenings. I can't do that now. I don't even have the stamina to play even for an hour continuously. I was hooked to Cartoons, Cricket and Cycling,while my grand father absolutely hated it. He wanted me to do something more productive. Sneaking out of the house for cricket, and asking grand dad rather innocently ,"When will you be leaving, so that I can watch cartoons?" are some memories that I still cherish. I can't be the same now.

Even though the days have past, those cartoons evoke great happiness in me. Those were the days when Cartoon Network had a different logo and was available only in English. And yes, we had much better cartoons then. Bird man, Space Ghost, Swat Kats, ...those were really amazing stuff that was great fun to watch. My brother and I also played "Swat Kats" by turning a small table upside down, which became the aircraft, and picking up the rolling pin from the kitchen, that made the joystick of the aircraft. Cartoon network had a feature named "Power zone" when they aired the action packed cartoons. 'Centurions' was the first cartoon in the Power Zone series. The protagonists would say 'Power extreme' and they would be fitted with huge gizmos onto their special suits while being teleported from their space station. It seems so wonderful, just to think of it now.

Apart from cartoon network, there was Disney Hour. Duck Tales, Tail Spin, Alladdin, Donald Duck, they were a constant presence during the evenings. They may not have the special effects of today's cartoons, but they certainly managed to keep me engaged for long long time. I still remember the title songs of most of the Disney Hour cartoons. My friend and I sang it to our hearts' content recently at office. Luckily, no one heard it, else it would have created a minor scandal at my work place.

Although TV may be a bad baby sitter, I have feeling kids growing up with Cartoons have better imagination, some times it takes a weird turn though. A very young cousin of mine was watching a sparrow very intensely. I asked her about it and she replied,"I am watching the sparrow evolve to a swallow." After the initial shock, I realized that she was imagining POKEMON.

Cartoons today have lost their charm, if you ask me. The horrible stuff that they churn out as cartoons are unbearable for me. Ben10 may have an amazing fan base, but I find it quite boring. Hardly matches up to the standards set by my favourite ones in "those days." But then, all good things must come to an end.

Even cartoons got killed. I don't think Aladdin or Uncle Scrooge are familiar to today's kids. It hardly seems enjoyable to have a childhood without the 'Jungle Book' and 'He Man and the masters of the Universe'. My advice to kids, "Please search You tube and get hold of what you are missing."


  1. this post made me very nostalgic..u are absolutely right cartoon network had some great cartoons and i rmbr jetsons,flinstone,and there were few more that i cant recall still enjoy watchin cartoons but wid ben10 on all the time on cartoon netwrk its jus nt d same nemore....and yes i do rmbr talespin as well....verrrrrrry nice post:)

  2. My favourite Cartoons..Miss u
    Dexter's Laboratory
    Cartoon Roulette
    Super Friends
    Justice League
    Justice League Unlimited
    he-Man and thec master of universe
    Josie and the Pussycats
    Birdman and the galaxy trio
    Jonny Quest
    The scooby-doo and scrappy doo
    the new scooby and scrappy doo
    the new scooby doo movies
    Fantastic four
    Sky Commanders
    Krypto the superdog
    The Sylvester and tweety Mysteries
    Mighty mightor
    Johnny Bravo