Monday, 26 December 2011

Fiery Hot: Man and Machine

The Year : 2025 AD.

The Western scientists searched hard for the 'God particle',but in vain. The Indian scientists decided, they need not find God, but just experience the Divine Force. Thus, they were able to provide an incredible source of energy-energy from the God Himself. By exploiting the Higgs Boson for energy, India has catapulted itself as the new Super Power of the world, the New Big Brother.Fire power to fuel a nation of trailblazers and fiery hot achievers.

India, with its power and wealth, is in possession of THE meanest fighter Aircraft around- the Su-29 MKI, co developed with Russia. Only 7 such air crafts exist, and 5 are with India.

Some characters who will move the story forward:

Flight lieutenant Shrijith Nair : A IAF officer, recipient of the prestigious Sword of Honour for the most outstanding cadet from the Air Force Academy. He flies Su-29 for a living. A dare devil to the core.Has recently reported to the Kochi Air Force Base, the largest in India.

Flying Officer Neha Singh : A fine young officer, one of the finest air warriors. A navigator for the Su-29 MKI, also one of the most beautiful. Educated at the Delhi College of Engineering, joined the Force after her Btech,specialised as a Navigator.

The unKlu Klan: A terror outfit specialising in piracy, but with mean machines at their disposal, unlike the Somali pirates who operated before them. They mean business.Dirty business


Fl. Lt Shrijith Nair was relaxing in the Officer's mess, enjoying the Idly and the chutney for breakfast. Yes, he missed his mom and her Idly with piping hot sambhar and a dash of coconut chutney. NDA, AFA and now various Air Force Bases across the country. "You cant have everything in life", sighed the Fl. Lt.

A third idly was down, when he noticed from the corner of his eye a group of lady officers. However, one among them captured his entire attention. Wolves started howling inside his brain, and started drooling. Too many Loony Toons during child hood can cause severe brain damage.

Although flattened by her, Shrijith did not approach her. He was a bit too shy with girls.May be NDA should have been Co Ed.

But Fl.Lt Shrijith Nair was in for a very big surprise the next evening.

1800 Hrs, Kochi:

The wind is steady, the sky is clear. Perfect setting for an evening sortie, decided Shrijith. With Shrijith performing the final checks, the stage is set for the gleaming black beauty- the Su-29 to scorch the sky. From the barracks walked out a figure in a G suit, the same lady officer who had set Shrijith Nair on fire this morning.Fiery Hot, really. Violins started playing, a cool breeze seemed to caress him, although it was not a Farah Khan movie set. A G Suit and Aviator glasses don't exactly qualify as accessories, but Shrijith was already smitten by them, especially as she wore them.

"Good Evening, Sir", said she. All she got was a blank stare. He seriously wished he was about to ride his Hunk 250 bike, with her at the back. But that was not to be. Gathering his thoughts he replied, " Good evening, ready for the sortie?"

And so they hopped onto the black beauty. Although it was set to be a normal sortie, things switched gears when the Navigator Neha Singh noticed a blip on her radar. A gun ship was violating the Airspace. The unKlu Klan was on a mission. This time to set ablaze the Oil tanker from Iran to India.

"Sir, 270 degrees to your left please, and please slow down to 600 kmph"

"Ahh! Women! Back seat drivers to the core. Just my luck to get a lady navigator. This navigator job seems tailor made for chicks "

But Shrijith slowed down and made the turn, and then he had the enemy gunship in his line of sight. Aaha! All set for a dog fight. Shrijith placed his machine right behind the enemy craft and then BAM! The Gunship was torn apart like a kite hit by a sling shot.

"Nice shot, Sir. Gave them a taste of our fiery hot combination. " . Things were certainly moving in the right direction for Fl. Lt Shrijith. But out of nowhere, a shot hit his left engine, and smoke was bellowing out. Damn! They were hit by the speed boats carrying Anti Aircraft Guns. The slow cruise made them sitting ducks for such an attack. The craft was spiralling down, they were losing altitude by the minute. Something has to be done very quickly." Rudder- No, Wing flaps- No, nose- YES.. Point the nose upwards and then gain some altitude and then hit the speed boat. Cannot Afford to let them escape." And that's exactly what happened. Two quick shots after the Nose job and the speed boat was taken care of. The Aircraft must now land in water and the Pilot and the Navigator must escape.

2200 Hrs: After the crash landing Shrijith and Neha jumped right off into the blue sea. The wet G suits were waiting for the Navy to come in and rescue them. Shrijith communicated with the base, "Tango to Charlie, two intruder ships down. Crash landed into the Arabian sea. No casualties. Mission accomplished. I repeat, Mission Accomplished." In between the cackle of the communication contraptions, he could hear something, as if something was drifting towards him. Startled, he looked back. Neha was slowly swimming closer towards him.


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  2. Yup....Will change the font :) thanks for the comment....and Happy new year to you too... :)

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