Sunday, 17 June 2012

Some Shayari ...

It has been a busy week, with a bout of fever, and an amazing headache to go with it. Maybe its the weather. Down here in Kerala, it is raining cats and dogs, and believe me, this is the best time to be alive here in God's own Country. So, why the shayari all of a sudden?. May be its the weather again. You see, it is only after the rains that the germination takes place. May be this is true in case of ideas as well. It is true for sure in my case.

This shayari episode actually occurred as a series of text messages between me and a friend, who was kind enough to bear me for the whole while, a passive listener.

I think the first thing I should mention here is "Main shaayar to nahi, magar aye haseen, jabse dekha maine tujhko, mujhko shayari aagayi". The translations are provided here for my friends who are not so comfortable in Hindi. This line is from Rishi Kapoor's "Bobby"

"Though,I am not a poet,
But,O beautiful!
Ever since I have seen you
I know  poetry"

So here it goes! Watch out for the nonsense.

" Nasha unki aankhon ka hai, uthrega nahi
  zakhmi kiya unki ada ne hai, bharega nahi "

" The intoxication is due to her eyes, it wont fade
  I am wounded by her style, it wont heal "

And I go on....

" katl unki aankhon ne kiya, saza hame mili hai
  zakmi hua unka dil bhi, dard yaha ho raha hai "

" Her eyes have committed the murder, I am paying the price for it,
  Even her heart is wounded, but I am feeling the pain "

And I don't stop...

" sapno me hum unko dekha nahi karte, jagte hue unhe socha nahi karte
  ye kambakht dard magar mittha nahi, pyar ko hum kabhi bhoola nahi karte"

" I don't see her in my dreams, I don't think of her when I am awake,
  But this pain doesn't go, I cant seem to forget the love "

Nonsense continues again...

" unke haathon ki mehndi ka jaadu hai yeh,
  rang vaha khila, neend yahan ud gayi "

It is the magic of the mehendi [henna tattoo] on her hands,
  It glowed over there, But sleep was lost over here "

....and again...

" unki zulfo mein kaid hai meri saanse,
  rihayi nahi, umar kaid ki saza chahiye "

" My breath is jailed in her hair,
  I need a life term there, not a release "

That brings us to the end of this episode of total nonsense. In case there are similarities with some other things you may have heard, that is totally unintentional.