Monday, 23 July 2012

May This Night Never Pass

Sometimes, it so happens that I dont get a sleep during the night and I wander around the house, in my semi awake state. Is it the flow of creativity that is making me awake? Do I flatter myself here? Well, since no one else seems to be in a mood to do so, I have decided to blow my own trumpet. Well, here it goes.

It was clearly a moonless night. In any case, I dint see the moon from my balcony. Like a werewolf, although on a moonless day, the creativity sprang out from me. I was unable to control the outburst, and finally, here it goes.

May this night never pass,
Let me caress your locks once more,
Enjoy the wine from your lips, once more;
Let me enjoy the kiss once more

May this night never pass,
Let me drown in your deep eyes once more,
Enjoy the warmth of your hug, once more;
Let me savour the bliss once more

May this night never pass,
Let me hear the song once more,
Enjoy the heights of love, once more;
Let me plunge into the abyss once more

This night shall never pass-
I shall sing the dirge of love, once more


  1. mmmmmmm never knew werewolves were that creative...........nice..... :D have a happy time romancing the werewolves :p