Friday, 27 July 2012

The Cruel Nature of Life

The ways of nature are really strange. Even when you have 'almost' everything, you need something else, and feel sad due to the lack of it. For any other person, this might seem ridiculous, trivial, and often downright crazy. Still, for the person experiencing the sadness, it is of utmost grief. Grief of unbearable proportions. So is it a question of perspective? Or should everyone be programmed to feel happy because your problem does not warrant enough attention from the others, feeling that it is not a 'good enough' problem?

So I came up with a few lines. Here they go. (P.S: I have been instructed by some people to quit writing articles, and concentrate more on poems. I am flattered)

Strange are the ways of nature's might,
Robbed the Robin of its wings, before its first flight;
Snuffed the candle, deprived it of the light,
Allowed to die, before it was bright ;

A flower nipped in the bud,
Before it knew full bloom;
A giant Oak was made to fall,
Before it knew It could be tall;

Winds push the ship afar,
What if they batter the sail?
Powerless to face the ravages of time,
Can life itself make the life force fail?