Saturday, 4 August 2012

Love marriage or Arrange marriage???

A question that has tormented generations of parents and kids alike is finally being put to the acid test. Which kind of marriage is better? But the answer to that would depend on who you are poised to be- husband or wife. For a girl, it can mean a lot of things, but for a guy, its pretty much the same. In love marriage, we get to choose our tormentor on our own, while in arranged marriage, our parents, cousins, neighbours, their cousins, the milk man and the dhobi have an equal vote. All of them take special care to ensure that we get a "special" tormentor. But guys beware- we cant put the blame squarely on the girl's shoulders. We have asked for it. It is aptly conveyed by a Hindi proverb, a crude translation would be "Marriage is like a ladoo, one who is unmarried craves for it, one who is married repents about it."

Wonder what is so special about arranged marriages, that every one in the family is anxious to see the free birds in a cage. Once upon a time, the bird used to sing the tunes of love, now it sings only what it is ordered to, and only when it is ordered to. No prizes for guessing who gives the orders. What happens in arranged marriages is even stranger. The song bird wilfully gives up its song in order to please the lady bird.

Now, about marriages, it is said "When marriage enters through the door, love flies out of the window." But in the present context, it is better suited for love marriages, where there is copious amount of love involved before the marriage. In Arranged marriages, love usually trickles down pretty slowly. Strangely, both the marriage systems have an equally long and proud history in our country, so culture vultures- get your history correct!. By the way, another piece of statistic that can interest people is that more "love marriage" couples separate compared to "arranged marriage" couples. But that fact is trivial, considering that the data for the current generation suggests an almost similar trend for both the categories.

Whatever be the case, marriages certainly make the world go round a little faster. Marriages certainly are made in heaven, hopefully they stay strong till "death do us apart" or, let us assume a greater time frame, for the next seven rebirths.


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