Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Maiden With A Heart of Gold

As I lay awake at this ungodly hour, I wanted to make every minute count. I started writing a story with a poem in it, but ended up with this. Also, the poem was supposed to be about victory, but I guess all that will have to wait for some more time. This has got 14 lines, so I think it can be called a sonnet. Do correct me if some other factors are also to be weighed in.

My Maiden With A Heart of Gold

The eagle in my heart is waiting to fly
To the boundless extents of the sky;
To soar above the limits of love,
All that it wants is you.

I told the winds to quicken their stride,
To carry me afar over the lands,
I told the moon to wait a while,
As I cross the rivers to kiss her hands.

Over the hills, Over the fields, Over the forests
Alone I flew for a maiden's quest,
My maiden with a heart of gold;
But I saw her, and again I lost,
The strength of my soul, the flight of my wings,
My breath, my heart and even my life.