Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Golden Jubilee post

And finally the day has come. When I get to write my fiftieth post. It has been two years since I started blogging. The two years have certainly been eventful, blogging and other wise. Blogging began as an experiment in my writing, since I always had a dream of being a renowned orator, and thought to improve my skills through writing. In this post, in my own narcissistic way, I recall the various events that led me to my current state, where I get close to a thousand hits per month, while I hit the first thousand only after one year of blogging.


It was during the CAT (the test) season of 2011 that I first started to think about blogging. I had started with my job in the IT industry, but then, CAT was the real deal that I hoped for. The interest in blogging was there even when I was in college, but it did not take the form of full fledged blogging. And so, a very good blogger friend of mine, Nevin, who blogs here and here (a very good blogger and very good friend) rekindled the interest in blogging. But lazy me did not move beyond the 'How to Blog' question.

Then came the event that turned me into a blogger. I got selected to the Air force SSB, which has Picture Perception Description Test as a part of the testing. This is where they show an image for a short while and then we have to write a story having a past, present and future, ideally with a moral. So, they showed us an image of a lady in a track suit who seemed to be running. I somehow guessed that most of the aspirants would have written about an athlete who wins some race against all odds. I took a different route. I made the lady to have diabetes in my story, who runs and then overcomes the condition. And while discussing with my fellow aspirants, I came to know that I was correct. 'Athlete' was the idea that was predominant.

I was not recommended to the IAF board, but I came back home with some very great experiences of the five days spent at the Selection Board. And, I decided to blog. I started with writing about the rains, which are a frequent occurrence in Kerala.

Another thing which kept my interest alive was the fact that I felt I could improve my english in time for my CAT


I started writing, but I could see on my blogger dashboard that people were not reading my blog much. I started texting my friends and posting it on my facebook page hoping that the readership will pick up. It was difficult initially, but now it seems to have paid rich dividends. I have got a few goodies through blogging, and expect some really amazing ones in the near future.


Although I do not really have any ambition to write books, it certainly seems very plausible that I may take to writing books in the distant future. Not because I think I can write some amazing stuff, it is mostly because of the happiness that I get from this hobby of mine. If blogging can be so much fun, I cannot even imagine how exhilarating writing a book would be!

I leave you with something else which I have started to do more.