Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Health Care : Touching Lives

Health care is often touted as the dipstick of human progress. Across the globe, the level of scientific achievement and indices of human development are dependent on access to health care. We, the human race, have come a long way from the days of gypsy medicine men and quacks passing off as practitioners of healing.

Now it is possible to cure illnesses which had seen entire populations succumb to it with modern medicine. We have gone so far as to design robots that can wield the scalpel and assist the doctor. Many diseases which had seen our fore fathers die are now eradicated, thanks to the efforts of the wonderful human beings, known as Doctors and Nurses. Dressed mostly in white clothes, they signify the human face of the angels that can bestow upon humans the magic of life.

Apollo hospitals : Innovations in medical technology

As a nation, we have reached a level where other countries are looking at us for their medical needs. We represent a country where there are immense resources of health care at affordable prices. For many of their routine procedures, they consult and come down to our country for operations or other needs. This goes a lot to speak about the progress that we have made in this regard.

While we have achieved great feats in medicine, now is not the time to rest on our laurels. Many organisms are changing their structure in response to the prevalent medicines against them, and are resulting in stronger versions. They continue to challenge us in health care. Another challenge staring right into our face is universal access to health care, or affordable health care for all. Vast majority of our people are struggling to meet their medical needs. To be truly successful would mean that we have been able to provide access to all for good health care facilities. A business model where volumes would rake in the moolah for the hospitals could be suitable for developing countries like ours. Certainly, 'Wealth at the bottom of the pyramid' is a phrase doing the rounds in business circles.

Yet another pointer is that we need to provide greater thrust to palliative care and preventive check ups. We have always looked up to doctors to treat us when we are sick, but that mind set needs to change as 'prevention is better than cure'. Also, in spite of the great progress made, some diseases are still incurable  For such patients, palliative care acts as a great relief.

For a healthy tomorrow, it is imperative that the medical profession grows even further. While making sure that we are not incentivising  illness, we must ensure that the progress is continued. 


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