Sunday, 2 June 2013

Five Reasons you should have a paunch

It gives me a great pleasure in writing this post. Every other research blames a pot belly for everything. Diabetic? Blame it on the belly. Cholesterol? Cut down the fat around your tummy. Heart attack ? Hit the jogging track and remove the fat around the waist. Spot Fixing? Well, not exactly everything. Still, this tirade against a fat waistline has gone a bit too far. I am going to list down certain benefits of having a paunch. Health freaks can go to Hell! For long have my brethren suffered in silence.

Here goes my compilation :

5. To hold a packet of chips or snacks while you watch TV :

Some of us might have wondered where to place the packet of chips while we watch TV. Well, we can easily keep it on our rotund belly and watch TV in the most comfortable semi reclining position. Great comfort and great entertainment. We can also experiment with a cup of tea, a beer can or a plate of snacks. Anything would work just fine.

4. Carry stuff while riding a motor bike :

Everyone of us who has some experience of running errands on a motor bike will know that it is so difficult to carry things while riding a bike. Not any more. I am going to let you know one of the easiest ways of carrying stuff  on a bike. We simply have to place the package on the petrol tank and place our flab onto the package. Rest assured, it will be transported safely. Certainly one of the most eco friendly ways of moving small packets around.

3. Act as a floatation device :

Well, in the unfortunate event of our bodies being engulfed by water bodies, our bellies actually act as our very own floatation devices. We can cling on to it without any extra effort. So much for the trouble of carrying emergency kits on our person at all times!

2. Emergency Airbags :

No need for a fancy car for our folks to enjoy a safe drive. We have a very cozy airbag right at our disposal. And it does not require any additional maintenance charges. Hope insurance companies take notice of this and work out a deal in our benefit.

1. Pulikali :

This is one of those events which we malayalees do not miss. The annual pulikali, a part of the famous Thrissur Pooram, a prominent temple festival. Scores of men with gorgeous, round, shapely bellies paint their bodies with shades of tigers and leopards and move to the dizzying frenzy of the melam (percussion) accompanying it.


  1. loved the post. But what if your enemies are pot bellied......

    1. thanks a lot for my compliment... regarding the problem of having a pot bellied enemy...well..i guess i have a potent weapon with me as well.. ;) btw... it is also a good point you mentioned.. 6: It is our ticket to the Avengers!!... we have a weapon at our disposal....