Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hindi Film Industry: Is the success sustainable?

Films have been a steady source of entertainment for the people in India. We have long been used to seeing films of a specific kind. Films, having a set formula of six songs, some comic sequences, some action sequences, some drama, and the end. This had led to a situation in the 90s where the films started to lose the connect with the audience. And then the rot started. Films started to flop and the industry was in a crisis. From this crisis, the industry realized the importance of keeping the audience in mind while designing a story.

However, I sense that the lessons have been forgotten by the insiders of the industry. The movies are churning out hits-100 crores is now a common figure, but the audience is not getting the value that it wants. Most of the 100 crores are earned within the first few days of the screening. So by the time word-of-mouth kicks, the revenues are already earned. Negative reviews do not seem to affect the earnings, and the producer laughs his way to the bank. But a good film is one which should have a good theatrical run. At least a fortnight is a decent number.

The industry seems to have run out of ideas, the back bone of any creative industry. This is evident in the number of remakes it is churning out every year. While I am not denigrating Hindi film industry, I feel that it needs to buckle up for some rough ride in the future. Hollywood is making its mark in our country and in the years to come, if new ideas are not there to compete with the English films, we might see that the revenues go on a free fall. And it would be difficult to get back an audience one it has rejected your offering.