Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Grand Anicut...

Some of the most interesting academic subjects are sometimes the most boring while in school. History is one such subject. No matter how hard the teacher tries, history, by virtue of its structure manages to put to sleep even the most studious of the students. History provides us with perspectives and some lessons. They have an uncanny resemblance to the case-studies in B schools.

A grand structure, which has borne the vagaries of time and yet maintained its stoic posture, is the Grand Anicut- A check dam built in the 2nd century AD by Raja Raja Chola. This structure helped to increase the cultivation in the regions of Thanjore and nearby areas. This structure bears a testament to the skills of artisans of that age. The Cholas were nighty conquerors and able administrators. They have to their credit various conquests and were noted for their mighty naval force. The Cholas were also great patrons of arts and music. They have to their credit temples like the Briuhadeeswara Temple and the Gangaikonda Cholapuram

The Grand Anicut is a beautiful sight to behold. The paths are dusty, but the lush green paddy fields on both the sides are a feast to the eyes. There are numerous birds that abound in the vegetation near the Grand Anicut. There are flocks of migratory birds that grace us with their visit. The cacophony of sounds is something that is priceless. On a misty morning, when the smell of dew rises up, it lifts our spirits and for a moment, we transcend the earthly states and enjoy bliss.

The take away from the history lessons are not just the moments of wonder. They should ideally stimulate our thinking –on the motives that went behind these events. May be we can think what we would have done, or does what they did back then hold true even today? Answers to such questions will provide the fodder for further forays into history- Where only perspectives hold true.